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At Master Services, we strongly believe that excellent customer service is the way towards lasting business-customer relationship and a successful business. That is why, our team prides itself on delivering only the very best services to our valued customers in the New England region.
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If you are looking for painting and carpentry services in New England, look no further than Master Services.
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Who We Are

Master Services is a local, full-service carpentry and painting company for residential and commercial properties in New England. As your premier home repair and maintenance company, we offer a wide range of remodelling and reconstruction services, ranging from interior and exterior paints to deck construction and installation.

We take pride in our top-quality services, our trained and licensed technicians, responsive services, and stellar reputation in the local community of New England.  Our team is dedicated to completing your remodelling project within your allotted time and budget and we always hold our craftsmen to the highest standards.

The best

Carpentry Contractors

Our handymen and home remodelling experts can complete any carpentry project that you need to improve your home value. We offer a comprehensive range of carpentry services that can transform your living space into the home of your dreams. Our services include minor to major home repair and remodelling projects, including:

Deck Construction & Deck Removal

Building & Repairing Structures

Epoxy Flooring & Power Washing

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Experience the Difference

Are you looking for a painting and carpentry service in New England?

If you want to be impressed, choose Master Services, a locally-owned company that can take on your carpentry and painting projects and give you the results that exceed your expectations.

Reasons Why You Should Call Us For Carpentry and Painting in New England

Reasons Why You Should Call Us For Carpentry and Painting in New England

Exceptional Painting Services

We also offer interior and exterior painting services so that you can have the perfect color and superior finishing that your home or commercial property deserves. We have a top-notch team of highly trained and experienced painters who know exactly what type of paint, wallpaper, or finish your property needs to increase its home value.

Whether you want a complete interior and exterior painting job or just need to retouch the paint in a few bedrooms, we can offer you the right solutions at the right price.

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